Search & Discover

View of the Search and Discover room

Search & Discover

In the Search & Discover zone, visitors can study museum specimens, such as animals, plants, rocks and historical artefacts, using microscopes and equipment. This area is designed for adults and older children to discover the natural surroundings.

What can you discover today?

Open from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.


Specimens mounted in cases can be observed with the microscope. Choose which species you wish to study from the draws.

Microscope and monitor for examination of insect specimens.


Bird specimens and books for identification are available. Many of the species can be seen around the museum and Lake Biwa.

Corner about birds, with specimens to investigate.


Plants of the local area, and their uses, are displayed here.

The section about plants.

Sketch Table

The best way to really study a specimen is to draw it. Feel free to use the paper and pencils to create your masterful scientific illustration.

The sketch table, with animal skulls to draw.

Cultural Artifacts

Take a close look at how cultural artefacts, such as shrimp traps, are made.

A traditional shrimp trap, made of thin strips of bamboo.

Rocks, Minerals and fossils

In the draws are rocks, minerals and fossils from the local area. Dig out a specimen that interests you and take a close look at it with the microscope.

The draws of the rocks and minerals sections, each with specimens that can be examined.


A wide variety of mammals are found in the surrounding areas.

A stuffed palm-civet.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Specimens of turtles, snakes, salamanders, frogs and toads are available. Some are native, others invasive, like this snapping turtle.

A stuffed snapping turtle.

360 Degrees Tour

Take a 360 degrees tour of the Search and Discover Room. By using your mouse, or tilting your phone, you can view the room at any angle.