Opening Times
9:30 am to 5:00 pm (entry until 4:30 pm). The Discovery Room is open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm (last entry 4:00).

Museum Holidays
The Museum is usually closed on Mondays, unless that day is a national holiday, and certain other times of the year (e.g. New Year holiday). Please consult the table to plan your visit.

Closed Days, April 2019 to March 2020
April: 8, 15, 22May: 13, 20, 27June: 3, 10, 17, 24
July: 1, 8August: 5September: 2, 9-13, 30
October: 7, 21, 28November: 11, 18, 25December: 2, 9, 16, 25-31
January: 1, 6, 20-24, 27February: 3, 10, 17-21, 25March: 2, 9, 16, 23

Admission Fees to Permanent Exhibition Rooms
Adults - 750 yen (600 yen each for groups of 20 or more)
University/High School Students - 400 yen (320 yen each for groups of 20 or more)
Elementary/ Junior High School Students - Free
Residents of Shiga Prefecture 65 years old or older - Free
Persons with disabilities - Free

There maybe an additional charge for Special Exhibitions.
No ticket is necessary for the outdoor exhibits, including the treetop walk.

Getting Here by Public Transport

Take the JR Biwako (Tokaido) line from Kyoto or Maibara (or any station on the Biwako line) to Kusatsu (Shiga) Station. Both local trains and Special Rapid Service trains stop at Kusatsu Station.

  • Kyoto to Kusatsu takes 20 or 23 minutes, depending on train service. (Distance 22.2 km/ 13.8 miles.)
  • Maibara to Kusatsu takes 32 or 44 minutes, depending on train service. (Distance 45.5 km/ 28.3 miles.)
At Kusatsu Station, take either a bus or a taxi to the Museum, located on the Karasuma Peninsula.

From the west side of the station, buses depart for the museum from bus stop number 2. Look for a bus with the destination sign Biwako-haku-butsu-kan (Lake Biwa Museum or Biwako Museum):

For a detailed guide on how to catch a bus to the Museum, and buses in Japan generally, see a guide to catching a bus to the Museum.

Going to the Museum Returning from the Museum
Hour Mondays to Fridays Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays Hour Mondays to Fridays Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays
8:00, 5000, 8:2727,
9: 3025, 55 9:19, 59 54
10:3045 10:5924
11:3025, 55 11:5909, 54
12:3045 12:5924
13:3025, 55 13:5909, 54
14:30 45 14:5924
15:3025 15:5909, 54
16:3000, 30 16: 29, 54
17:3000 17:3029
18:3000, 30 18:00, 5924, 54
19: 30 19: 54

Journey time = 25 minutes.

Going by Taxi
Taxis can be found at the taxi rank on the west side of the station (follow signs for "West Exit"). It takes approximately 20 minutes from Kusatsu Station to the Museum. Ask the driver for "Lake Biwa Museum" or "Biwako haku-butsu-kan".

Alternatively, take a taxi from Moriyama Station (two stations east from Kusatsu); Moriyama Station is closer to the Museum than Kusatsu Station, but there is no bus service to the Museum from Moriyama.

Going by Car
Exit the Meishin Expressway at the Ritto Interchange and drive along the Ritto Shinanaka Route and the Lakeshore (Sazanami) Road (approximately 30 minutes). Parking is available.

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Travelling to the Museum by Bicycle or on Foot
The Museum is 8.8 km (5.5 miles) from Kusatsu Station and 6.6 km (4.1 miles) from Moriyama Station.

Visitors travelling to the Museum by bicycle or foot can enjoy the nature of the region, and experience the sights of rural Japan.

Bicycles can be taken on JR trains if they are covered and carried, which involves partial dismantling, i.e. removal of wheels, for normal-sized bicycles. Therefore, a folding bicycle is the easiest option for cyclists travelling by train.

Alternatively, bicycles can be rented at Kusatsu Station (east side) for 300 yen a day. These bicycles are basic, with one gear, but the terrain is flat.

Cyclists can cycle on designated sidewalks (pavements), and cycle lanes are available in places. Bicycle parking is available at the Museum.

The summers in Japan are very hot and humid, so please take care when travelling by bicycle or foot during this season.

Foreign Language Guides

Headphone commentary and leaflets are available in English, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese.

There are English and Chinese language, 16 page, color booklets available that covers the main parts of the permanent exhibitions. These are free to ticket holders and can be requested at the ticket counter.

The guides can also be downloaded as PDF files (6 MB):
English version
Chinese version


Museum Shop - Oydeya

A wide range of gifts and souvenirs are available at the Museum Shop - Oydeya, including unique merchandise to the Lake Biwa Museum.

A great place to find that special gift for someone, or for that exclusive memento of your trip to the Lake Biwa Museum.

Museum Restaurant

Taste traditional Japanese cuisine or Western influenced dishes in the Museum Restaurant.

The menu includes local produce, such as fish from Lake Biwa.

Opening times: 10:30 am to 16:30, food orders taken between 11:00 am and 16:00.

Nursing Room

A room for families travelling with young children and babies is available. Please consult with staff to use this room.


The Museum is fully accessible to wheelchair users, and a selection of wheelchairs and baby strollers are available for use.

Please ask at the ticket counter.

Lunch & Resting Spaces

Visitors bringing there own food are welcome to use one of the Museum's lunch spaces, found both inside and outside of the building, including the roof-top terrace.

Additionally, drink-vending machines and resting corners are available.